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I drew this.

My name is Nick. I'm a software developer from Canada. Currently living and making games in Berlin, Germany. I am also a hobbyist artist and animator.

Contact via or twitter.

What is this website?

This website is a my CV, showcase, and workbench. This website was previously built from scratch, then switched to a Ghost instance on EC2, and now a using a Jamstack with Netlify and a public git repo.

I also designed the logo :)

What is dkydev?

dkydev comes from my old online pseudonym "ducky" and an abbreviation of "development". And I like the allusion to duck debugging and duck typing.

You make games?

I develop casual games for a living. I also make indie/core games in my spare time. Lately been spending a lot of time in Unity and Blender.

What else do you do?

Climbing, running, and working out. A lot of physical activity to counter the excessive periods of sitting. I also play games from time to time.

That's me.

I also have minor obsession with battlestations. Here's my old one:

mark 1.

And here's my new, lightweight one:

mark 2.
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